Ramayana Theme Park

The greatest and the ancient epic Ramayana is one which stands as an epitome for India’s eternal tradition. It is a well –known fact that where there is Lord Ram, there is Lord Hanuman; and where there is Lord Hanuman, there also is Lord Ram, and so they are inseparable. In many senses, Ramayana is also a tale of the special, dignified and great relation between Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman. In this light, in Hanumagiri, the abode constructed in the name of Lord Hanuman, the stone depicts of the special episodes of this epic, the details of the episodes being sculpted in marble, are arranged in a well-planned manner. Stepping into the Manasodyana here, one feels that the whole of Ramayana is in front of him.

All this is done to bring the model values of this great epic to the common man, and in an effort to instill these in him, so that desirable social change can be realized.

On the left of the entrance to Hanumagiri is the Manasodyana, where one can find the notable episodes of the Ramayana: the Putrakameshti yaga, the birth of Lord Ram, Lakshman, Bharata and Shatrugna, the Ahalya story, the Sita swayamvara, Sri Rama Pattabhishekham, the exile of Lord Ram, Gangottaranam, the story of the sacred Paduka, Shoorpanaka episode, Mayamruga episode, the abduction of Sita, the episode of Jatayu, Shabari moksha, meeting of Lord Ram and Hanuman, the meeting with Sugreeeva, Valisamhara, the crossing of the ocean to Lanka, the inflammation of Lanka, the surrender of Vibheeshana, the building of the sea-bridge, the killing of Kumbhakarna, the Sanjeevani herb and its healing powers, the killing of Indrajit, Ravana Moksha, Vibheeshana Pattabhishekham, the Agnipareeksha of Sita, and the Pattabhishekham of Lord Ram etc..

This work one of its kind in the whole world, is also worth visiting even at night, for lighting arrangements are made, with the lights offering an altogether a different aura to the surroundings.

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Ramayana Theme Park

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