Hanuman Theme Park

Wherever one finds loyalty and honesty with servility, there is definitely the presence of Lord Hanuman, so Lord Hanuman is the Chiranjeeva Mukhyapraana, the epitome of loyalty. The life and character of Lord Hanuman as depicted in the Ramayana are memorable to every mortal soul and stand as a model to the world.

In Hanumagiri, after one walks past the Garuda Mantapa, one can see the Hanuman Manasodyana, where stone depicts ranging from the birth of Lord Hanuman to the end of Ramavatara, also the story of Hanuman’s unconditional love, loyalty and service to the Lord are arranged one after another. One of its kind in the whole world, one can understand through a visit to Hanumagiri, the unique relationship between Lord Ram and Hanuman through the marble carvings and the stone depicts.

No doubt, the postures of Hanuman chanting the name of Lord Ram in utter devotion are carved in a marvellous manner. The view at night, possible through the wonderful lighting system, is an altogether another experience in itself, and so this place of worship and aesthetic value can imbue a lot of peace and devotion in the minds and hearts of people all around.

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Hanuman Theme Park

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