To realise harmony, unity and equality among all is the prime objective of Dharmashri Prathishtana. With the strong belief that if “We protect Dharma, Dharma will protect us”, for the revival and restoration of Dharma and Indian culture. This year marks the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the Pratishtana, and in this short span of time, the Pratishtana has the credit of organizing more than 35 social-cultural and religious programmes.Also, this Pratishtana has been sponsoring financial assistance for the educational institutions upholding India’s cultural heritage, and also to the financially backward people. The strength behind this Pratishtana is the like-mindedness, and generosity of its members, and most works are fulfilled without demanding cash or kind from the general public.The selfless services of people like Sri Konethota Mahabaleshwara Bhat, Sri Shivaram Ishwaramangala, Katribailu Shivarama Sharma, Sri Shivaprasad,Sri K.M. Raghuraj through the Pratishtana have the society in various possible ways.

Apart from all these activities and contributions, it is Hanumagiri which is the crowning glory of Dharmashri Prathishtana.It has the credit of having the world’s largest statue of Panchamukhi Aanjaneya. This wonderful and marvelous project spreads to about 3.5 acres, and it houses  the Hanuman statue, Hanuman theme park, Sanjivini Vana- which boasts of a wide collection of medicinal plants and a meditation centre. Every stone seems to chant the holy name of Lord Rama and sing praises of Hanuman, such is the atmosphere of Hanumagiri. It reminds of the universal message ‘Dharmasansthapanaarthayasambhavaami yuge yuge’ (I will incarnate every era to restore Dharma).


To establish and undertake “GOSHALA” and dairy farm for the purpose of Dairy products and to product Cattles. To establish and undertake ANATHASHRAMA” (Orphanage ) to serve the needy senior citizens To carry on the activity of man making mission particularly by in calculating character building activities among youth. To run Educational Institutions  To run […]

Dharmashree Award

Shri Shri Shri Raghaveshwara Bharathi  Mahaswami of Hosanagara Math and former Governor of Bihar and retired Chief Justice, High Courts of Punjab and Haryana, Justice Dr Rama Joisa were felicitated with the  Dharmashri Prashasthi (Award) in the third and fourth year of the institution respectively. The fifth year witnessed the Dharmashri Award being felicitated to […]

Mile Stones

The first year of establishment saw the organizing of Balipa Yaksha Vaibhava and the documentation of the recitals of Sri Balipa Narayana Bhagavatar and Masterpiece Yakshagana Thalamaddale. In the second year, Agari and Uruvekodi Yaksha Vaibhava was held, together Yakshagana artiste Sri  Agari Raghurama Bhagav, Uruvekodi Sri  Subbappayya and organizer  Sri K.C. Patali Padumale were […]

Trustee Board

Mahabaleshwara Bhat Maha Poshakaru Nanya Achutha Mudethaya Managing Trustee Shivarama P Trustee Shivarama Sharma Trustee Raghuraja KM Trustee Shivaprasad Trustee